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There is no mistaking what Pavo cristatus intends; it’s a clear case of "Hello Ladies".

Public Relations is transforming and to stay ahead of the game you need a team of professionals who are experienced in the field, but never settle – who are always looking to learn and grow. That is what you will find at Kidd Public Relations.

The need for public relations continues to grow, but the way it is practiced is evolving. The Kidd PR team understands that to successfully communicate in the ever-changing marketplace takes an integrated approach - a mix of traditional approaches and new media tools. Communication is about connection, truly listening to what your client needs and creating a targeted solution, and most importantly one that is measurable. If you are looking for dedicated, efficient team of PR professionals who will be committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations, give us a call. It all starts with a conversation...


Tue, 15 September

Kidd Group Announces Dynamic Team Changes

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Social media is an everyday necessity for businesses and individuals alike. It helps keep people connected at all times, which is just on...