Kidd Group Supports the Remembrance Film Forum

As a TFF sponsor, Kidd Group has provided PR, social media and web services

The Tallahassee Film Festival (TFF), in partnership with the Holocaust Education Resource Council and the Tallahassee Film Society, will host The Remembrance Film Forum in Tallahassee, FL for the general public on four Sundays from Oct. 16 through Nov. 6. The events will take place at various venues around Tallahassee. The Remembrance Film Forum will feature diverse perspectives and insights about the Holocaust intended to continually uplift, enlighten and challenge its audience through the powerful medium of film. Additionally, the forum features Q&A sessions and a Champagne Reception.

As an executive producer level sponsor, Kidd Group is working to ensure TFF and the Remembrance Film Forum are visible through earned media, social media and on the web. For the last few years, the firm has been working with TFF to build a strong presence in the community and gain support from media and other community partners in an effort to continually increase the Tallahassee Film Festival’s attendance.

“The Kidd Group team is dedicated to increasing attendance and involvement in The Remembrance Film Forum through awareness and continual promotion before, during and after the event,” said Jessica Garcia, Public Relations Associate at Kidd Group. “We have been working nonstop to ensure TFF’s information is consistently distributed across all mediums, such as the web, social media and local and national publications.”

The Remembrance Film Forum presents twelve shorts and feature films from around the world with talents such as Dustin Hoffman and Joan Allen. These wonderful, powerful films are for local audiences, bringing little known facts to light in a new way, and presenting stories of sacrifice, survival and the human spirit overcoming adversity- a tutorial of sorts.

TFF’s website,, offers “all information- TFF,” including features, news, film trailers, education information, and a full schedule of the Remembrance Film Forum as well as the opportunity for visitors to purchase tickets. 3W Studios, Kidd Group’s interactive division, has been working with TFF for the last two years on website creation and maintenance.

Since its inaugural event in 2008, the Tallahassee Film Festival has developed into a major regional event, giving filmmakers in the community an opportunity to make advances in the film industry while at the same time encouraging long-term economic development to North Florida. This event is another step towards TFF’s goal of offering year-round, quality programming that the public cannot afford to miss.

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