Kidd Group/ Kidd RV Enters into Partnership with RV Golf Club

RV Golf Club, a membership organization for RV owners and Kidd Group/ Kidd RV, a Communications Firm, are pleased to announce they have partnered together to promote RV Golf Club and its services.

As part of the partnership, Kidd Group/ Kidd RV will be rebranding RV Golf Club and designing a new website. RV Golf Club will be rebranded as an organization for RVers who want to enjoy the luxury and amenities of a country club without the membership requirements of any single location. The Club offers members a network of clubs nationwide and accessibility to their amenities.

The new website will provide visitors with the ability to navigate the site more easily and to view details of different locations within the network. The Club currently includes 389 Partner Properties that consist of golf courses, RV resorts, hotel resorts, virtual golf and private country clubs, and hopes to have over 500 partners throughout North America in the very near future. Information regarding the different properties that comprise the program will be visible to non-members to show the full range of benefits that are included with the membership. The new website will allow members to easily make reservations online at the locations included on the map, receive instant turn-by-turn directions to every property via a GPS system and is intended to show everyone the benefits this club has to offer.

Jim Vernes, Founder of RV Golf Club said, “After dealing with overcrowded and unexciting RV campgrounds and hearing many RVers complain about similar issues, my idea for RV Golf Club came to light. Since then, my idea has grown into an organization that I am very proud of. “We are very excited to be partnering with Kidd Group/ Kidd RV to promote RV Golf Club. I anticipate the partnership with Kidd will increase overall awareness of RV Golf Club, sparking interest in fellow RVers who would rather wake up to a scenic golf course rather than a crowded RV campground or retail parking lot.”

RV Golf Club offers a unique alternative to other previous overnight RV parking, where Class A motorcoaches, B or C RVs and 5th wheels are able to park their coaches overnight without charge at more than 389 locations nationwide, and more locations joining as time advances.

“While the name may be deceiving, members of RV Golf Club do not have to be golfers and they can enjoy several other perks besides playing golf. Being a member of RV Golf Club provides members with accessibility to club amenities including restaurants, golf courses and health spas. Additionally, members can enjoy the picturesque scenery of a beautiful golf course during their overnight stay. The best part is being treated like a member at all these beautiful courses. What a classy way to stay overnight in your RV,” said Jerry Kidd, President of Kidd RV Communications

As RV’s have been growing in popularity, parking spaces for the increasing number of RV’s have become more difficult to find in recent years. Combining the lack of RV overnight parking and the availability at night at many of the resorts, golf courses and clubs creates a mutually beneficial pairing for this innovative organization. RV Golf Club is perfect for those who enjoy the luxury of a country club and who want to travel and take advantage of membership privileges at hundreds of courses throughout Canada and the U.S. The purchase of an annual membership pays for itself within just a few overnight stays.

As avid RV’ers themselves, Jim and his wife Julie seek to make your journey as relaxing and stress free as possible and they strive to provide a quality service to make your RV travels more enjoyable. For more information on RV Golf Club, please visit their website or call (800) 520-0757. Stay up to date on their latest news and announcements by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

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